Kennedy Slope

Henry, Duke of Rochester

Henry’s hard-partying ways have finally caught up with him. After one too many times in the tabloids, Henry’s peers in the House of Parliament have had it. If he does not clean up his image and fast, he can kiss his family legacy goodbye. But Henry has no intention of letting a bunch of old men dictate his fun. Enter Breanne Reynolds, the lovely American in charge of keeping Henry’s social media profile clean.

Breanne Reynolds

Bre moved to the U.K. to escape the boredom of her small-town life. What she didn’t expect was to end up the fake fianceé of Henry, Duke of Rochester, her boss and the only man who could bring a girl to orgasm with words alone. Now, Bre must find a way to play the role of a lifetime while navigating the pressures of life in the British aristocracy. Falling in love was never part of her plan. Now, she must decide if Henry is worth risking every for.
Once upon a time, Sasha Petrov was a mafia princess. Safe and protected in the high tower of her father’s mansion. She knew her place, and she’d been happy for it. That was before her family decided to marry her off to their enemy.
Sasha Petrov knew it was her duty to marry, but she never expected her father to give her away to their enemy, the Blanchi family. She’d accepted that it was her fate to end the bloodshed that took her brother’s life, but at eighteen she’d rather be heading off to college than heading down the aisle.
Dominic “Dom” Blanchi saw an opportunity to save his brother’s life. He’d already lost so much, and he couldn’t imagine burying another beloved member of his family. He was certain that his marriage to Sasha Petrov would save his last remaining brother from the grave. Getting a pliant young wife in the deal wouldn’t be the worst thing, at least, that’s what he told himself. But when his family’s warehouses get hit and Blanchi men continue dying, Dominic wonders if his new wife is to blame.
Now, both must make a choice between love and family loyalty.
And Sasha will have to decide if she’d rather be a Mafia Princess or a queen.
What comes first: love or duty?

Marcos Blanchi has always been the muscle. He’s the enforcer of the Blanchi family. A role he revels in the brutality of.

Ivy Hope is just trying to get by. On a good day, her family barely has enough to eat, and now that her brother is ill, they don’t even have that. That’s how Ivy finds herself begging to dance at Red’s, a high-end club in Manhattan. Ivy thinks dancing is her chance to finally get her family out of debt, but before she can take the stage, she finds herself in the wrong place at the worst time and becomes the only witness to a murder that could put Marco Blanchi in prison for good.

Now, Marco must figure out a way to keep Ivy from talking, and she must keep herself alive long enough to figure out what her silence is worth to this mafia prince.

Mafia Prince is the second book in the Crowned Criminals series. While it is not necessary to read, Mafia Princess first, situations and characters will be referenced in this story. Please note that this is a dark romance not suitable for those under eighteen.

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